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5i4               HISTORY OF PERSIA
Coinage of Lydia and Persia, by Barclay Vincent Head.    410.    1874.
Coins of the Shahs of Persia, by Reginald Stuart Poole.    Svo.    1887.
Collection de monnales sasanides, by Bernhard Dorn.   4to.    1875.
Collection of Treaties,  etc., by Sir  Charles   Umpherston Aitchisoru
7 vols.   Large 8vo.    1862-65.
Commentaries of the Great Alfonso Dalbo^uarque, translated by W. de
G. Birch (Hakluyt Society).   4 vols.    Svo.    1875-84.
Complete Collection of Treaties and Conventions, etc., by Lewis Hertslet.
Vols. i.-xxiii. „ Svo,    1827-1905.
Coronation of Soly man the Third, by Jean Chardin.    Fo.    1686.
* Cradle of Mankind, by William Ainger Wigram and  Edgar T. A.
Wigram.    Svo.    1914.
Crusaders in the East, The, by W. B. Stevenson.    Svo.    1907.
Das babylonische Nimrodepos, by Paul Haupt.   4to.    1881.
^Dawn of Modern Geography, by Charles Raymond Beazley.    3 Parts.
Svo.    1897-1906.
Des Peuples du Caucase, etc., by Mouradja D'Ohsson.    Svo.    1828.
Dictionnaire geographique de U Perse, etc., by Barbier de Meynard.
Svo.    1861.                         •
»Dynasty   oj  the  Kajars,  translated by Sir Harford Jones  Brydges.
Svo.    1833.
Early Voyages and Travels to Russia and Persia, edited by E. D, Morgan
and C. H. Coote (Hakluyt Society),    2 vols.    Svo.    1886.
Early Voyages and Travels to Russia and Persia, by Anthony Jenkinson
(Hakluyt Society).
Early Zoroastrianism, by J. H. Moulton.    Svo.    1913.
Eastern Persia, edited by Sir F. J. Goldsmid.    Svo.    1876,
Embassy of Sir Thomas Roe to the Great Mogul.    Edited by William
Foster (Hakluyt Society).    2 vols.    Svo.    1899,
Embassy to   the   Court  of Timour,  translated  by  Sir  Clements R.
Markham (Hakluyt Society).
Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics, edited  by James  Hastings.    In
progress.   410.    1908-
* England and Russia in the East, by Sir H. C, Rawlinson.    2nd ed.
Svo.    1875.
English   Factories  in   India,   by William   Foster.     6   vols.     Svo.
Ethnology, by Augustus Henry Keane.    Small Svo.    1901.
" Fifth Journey in Persia," by Lieut.-Col. Percy Molesworth Sykes,
Journal Royal Geographical Society, December 1906.
Five Great Monarchies of the Ancient Eastern World, by Professor George
Rawlinson. 4 vols. Svo. 1862-67.
*  From Heraut to Khiva, by Colonel James Abbott.    2nd ed.    2 vols.
Svo.    1856.
Gardens of the Great Mughals, by Constance Mary Villiers Stuart.    Svo.
Gates of India, by Sir T. H. Holdich.    Svo.    1910.